The new Hi-TECH 750 Lathe - PREMIERE

24/04/2020 - NUOVI ARRIVI

With the new Hi-TECH 750, we are expanding our Hi-TECH lathe series with another heavyweight for machining large parts.

The heavy Mehanite cast bed (20 - 28 t), the double column BMT 85 turret and the wide and precisely machined box guide ways are the key elements for an accurate and powerful heavy-duty cutting machine. Selecting high-quality components from well-known manufacturers combined with a high proportion of in-house production of the mechanical assemblies - Made in Korea - are the foundation of our high quality and precision.


  • Bed lengths of 2, 3 and 4 meters available
  • Spindle for 15 - 21 inches (A Version) or 24 inches (B Version)
  • Optionally with Y axis (200 mm stroke)
  • Extremly wide BMT 85 turret, perfect for very long tools.
  • Available with FANUC 0i-TF incl. Manual Guide or Siemens 828D incl. ShopTurn

The turret of the Hi-TECH 750 is 280 mm wide and has 12 stations with BMT85 holders for driven tools with a torque of up to 210 Nm.

The double-column structure allows the use of double tool holders for very long tools and is therefore more stable and significantly reduces vibrations. This means that tools with a length of 800 mm can be used, which when working close to the chuck plunge into a recess above the headstock and thus do not hinder the process.

Our Hi-TECH - lathe series is characterized by flat guides, which are manufactured manually with great care. This is how our machines achieve their high precision, smooth running and durability. This, coupled with high-quality components from well-known manufacturers and a solid structure, are convincing in all areas of application where high accuracy, surface qualities and demanding materials are required.